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Homeschooling Curriculum

The chart below summarizes the top ten secular, Christian / Protestant, and Christian / Catholic curricula offered through different companies, not associated with Georgia Tutoring, Inc.

Our company has compiled this information solely for convenience of parents interested in exploring various curricula options. Because the needs of parents vary we cannot endorse or recommend one curriculum over the other. Georgia Tutoring suggests that based on one’s needs each family makes a selection of desired curriculum and contact the companies as they wish. We will be happy to assist parents in setting up our lessons based on your selection of a particular program.

Curriculum Faith-based or Secular Grades levels Subjects Source link Details Advantages Disadvantages
Seton Home Study School Faith-based – Catholic K-12 all academics, Bible Online academy, optional to send completed work to an assigned teacher for grading. Workbook based, set up for independent work. Widely recommended for Catholic education, recognized as a Catholic school by the diocese of Arlington, Va. very thorough, strong academic, includes Church history, Scripture and Orthodoxy. Is flexible for customization. may require supplements of visuals and manipulatives.
A Beka Faith-based – Christian K-12 all academics, Bible Researchers / writers do primary research in each subject, looking from God’s point of view, not paraphrasing progressive books & adding Biblical principles. Some consider A Beka a challenging curriculum for above avg. students. Accredited by Florida Association of Christian Colleges and Schools. A Beka video lessons available as is structured academy. Well known, widely recommended. Strong phonics. Some select materials for basics and use creativity for the rest rather than using complete kits. Some combine Abeka with targeted content curriculums like Apologia – science and Saxon – math. Critics say curriculum is not creative, reading material is boring, putting education secondary to Christianity. Some claim consistently low standardized scores on critical thinking and reading comprehension.
Bob Jones University Press Faith-based – Christian K-12 all academics, Bible Bible integration in all subjects, including biblical examples & word problems in math, analogies in language arts lessons, and applications in critical thinking by questioning secularism. Materials are teacher centered by design Well known and widely recommended. Some combine with specialized science curriculum (Apologia) and math (Saxon). BJU provides standardized test services. Structured academy available. written for teachers who know what they are doing and can spend the time in daily preparation to implement the curriculum properly. Parents who cannot dedicate this time might do better looking for a more student based program or a video program.
Apologia Faith-based – Christian 4th – 12th science creationist viewpoint, Available on CD-ROM, or there is a companion CD with multimedia extras to go with the text. Science kits too. praised as interesting and inspiring love of science. conversational style, hands-on activities with lab materials that are often low cost household items none found if creationism is preferred for science education, a supplement, not a full curriculum
Alpha Omega Publications Faith-based – Christian K-12 Bible, history/geography, language arts, math, science Multiple curriculums: LIFEPAC is worktext based, Horizons is for fast learners, Weaver is for group-based instruction, Switched-On Schoolhouse is computer-based, others are available for language arts and foreign language supplement. Structured academy available. affordable, comprehensive, incorporates library use, the Internet, and many other resources, teaching research skills Critics describe as dry, boring, fill-in-the-blank work. Heavy parent/teacher planning and guidance.
Calvert School Non-denominational pre-K – 8 all academics Multiple accreditations, including being the first homeschooling curriculum with Commission on International and Transregional Accreditation (CITA). Courses are approved by the Maryland State Department of Education. Various publishers are used while avoiding materials perceived as “anti-Christian” Some parents describe better support than Abeka. Very thorough curriculum, well-developed teacher’s guide, includes supplies (pencils, glue, scissors…). great reading program and excellent math. Simple to follow, good for those starting with homeschooling. Criticized as basic, slow, and boring with too much reading and writing, especially for students with attention problems.
Saxon Secular math K-12, phonics K-2, physics – 9-12 math, phonics, physics Slow progression through curriculum stages in small, incremental steps, with repetition
following for many dozens of lessons. (drill & practice) Thus, assignments and tests are a cumulative review of all material covered up to that point. Discourages use of calculators or computers. Teaches for standardized tests.
Some studies show Saxon math curriculum leads to higher test scores. Many strongly support Saxon’s unique, incremental approach and constant review of all skills, especially for students struggling with math. Saxon is rejected by the Nat’l Council for Teachers of Mathematics. Criticism – tedious overuse of drill & practice, lack in critical-thinking and problem-solving skills, doesn’t encourage autonomy / creativity of using own methods of computation and problem solving.
K12 Homeschool Secular K-12 all academics Online delivery of traditional lessons. Virtual academy available. Publicly funded, used by charter schools, putting students on rolls as public school students Covers multiple learning styles. Virtual academy includes free computer loans More parent/teacher dependent (time-consuming) for younger grades. Some say computer time is excessive for older grades. Criticized as too closely tied with public schools, concern it will lead to increased regulation of homeschooling
Curriculum Services Secular K-12 all academics materials from reputable publishers of public school texts, provides choices of worktexts, videos or CD- rom’s for many of the courses. Parent maintains records using forms provided. Diploma program provided multiple good reviews. Reasonably priced package adaptive to child’s needs from remedial to gifted, structured or flexible, record-keeping approach is streamlined and easy for parents to manage themselves, customer service praised none found if secular curriculum is preferred
Clonara School Secular, progressive K-12 all academics Provides choices of record keeping methods & reporting to Clonlara, curriculum guides, full support services, guidebooks for choosing learning materials, advocacy, accredited diplomas, and help with officials & homeschool regulations. allows greatest possible freedom in curriculum selection and scheduling, Relaxed learning, structure without pressure, flexible, child-centered curriculum creatively awards credits and diplomas based on kids’ real-life experiences none found if secular, progressive education is sought

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