The Way To Save

Our experience shows that many times college students want to consider a group tutorial as the alternative to a more expensive one-on-one tutoring. Here is how it will work for those students who cannot afford private tutoring, yet, are in need for extra help during their exam/quiz preparation:

When you requested a tutoring lesson via our website this will automatically create a demand for group lessons. Based on the demand from college students we will be forming groups for different courses. The number of students in your group will range from the minimum of five to the maximum of fifteen students. The fees for your group tutorial will be based on the actual number of students registered. You do not pay us until after we send you our notification with specifics about the day, time, number of students in the group, and location.

During our group session one or, if needed, two instructors will be helping you with concepts and exercises. We will be forming small groups of three to four students. We will help you with the common topics, common problems, and let you know how to avoid mistakes. During our 2.5 to 3.0- hour tutorial you will have many opportunities to ask your questions and work with your group members.

Our tutors will treat you with respect and never turn you down! We will help you with you math puzzles so you will get out of this tutorial with a clear knowledge and confidence!

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